Thursday, 22 September 2011



This topic falls under the title "In the garden" in the Year 2 English Language textbook. I used a visual teaching aids to make the students became more familiar of the insects that they know (of the name) but haven't had the chance to actually see it. I have also checked in the textbook that these insects were not included in the textbook pages (in this particular topic), although it appeared to be in the questions in the activity book.

Bu using a visual teaching technique, such as the one that I was using (I am meaning to say this ppt teaching aid), I have helped to students to understand more of the insects which weren't included in the textbook, rather than explaining things to them verbally or trying to draw one on the board (drawing isn't my fanciest talent). This method had helped them to answer the questions correctly and most importantly, they could actually know how those insects looked like.

Although I was happy with the lesson and the teaching aids, which I thought had helped them a lot, I have forgotten that throughout the lesson, I did mostly reading and a little bit of questions and answers (verbal communication, mostly 2 ways). This only benefited the advanced and medium ability students but for the poorer students, they were actually left behind. I realized that the texts were simple, but still if I continued doing this eventually this group of students will get bored.

I need to improve and multiply the activities into various kinds. Maybe some reading, drawing, singing, categorizing or anything that would utilize the poor students' ability to think (and I have to make sure they are simple enough for them).


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