Monday, 24 October 2011

Fun time at school (Months of the year)


This is the last topic in the Year 2 textbook syllabus. I was hoping that my students can at least grasp at least 85% of the lesson since they've learned this in Year 1.

For this topic, I only use the textbook and a radio for singing. I am happy because using a song which tune they were familiar with, helped them to remember the song well. I did drilling as well and I made a game out of the activity (taking into account that they would probably having a really fun time saying the names that they were already familiar with). I turned the passages in the textbook into jazz chants and I can see that they were really into the activity!

Nevertheless, i have forgotten that they still needed to familiarize themselves with the spelling. I have left this out and when i gave them the exercise, they managed to answer verbally but most of them (especially the LINUS and weaker students) failed to perform.

Seeing that my objectives had almost failed me, I must remember that in the future, I must also drill them in the spelling and not on the pronunciation only. The materials were already there, but I got to admit that I have forgotten to utilize it!


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