Friday, 23 September 2011

Red Rose


When it came to this topic, I know there would be a lot of reading involved. So, for this particular topic I have borrowed the CD from the school ICT centre to flash and show to my sstudents. The CD contains this topic and the CD was provided by KPM.

The CD had done a great help in maintaining the students' attention. In the CD, there were many activities that needed the students to think, answer and in the end had the chance to click on the correct answer. The software that was used in the CD was more advanced than the one I did myself (PPT presentation). My students' were very cooperative and active and I was glad that class control was also not a problem for me!

Minor error in a certain situation, although very small can cause chaos in one's lesson. I was just being lucky that my students' were in their best behaviour at that time because I had some complication handling the CD. I thought, the CD was scratched the first time I put it in because it was stuck here and there. I didn't realize that it was actually the dust. I didn't clean it but just putting it in without checking whether the condition was okay or not. I wasted a little time in this.

This technical problem should not be happening if I am being more careful. I admitted that I was quite satisfied with the lesson because even the weakest level of students were able to cooperate in the learning activity because of the excitement they were having getting involved in the topic!


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