Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Food and vegetables



This lesson was conducted in a class that consisted of multiple intelligences pupils. So, some of them were quite bright and there were some in the LINUS programme.

Multimedia technology has always made my life easier and in the same time it enabled my students to understand the lesson more effectively. In this topic, students were exposed to the varieties of vegetables and fruits, and verbal communication and explanation wouldn't be enough. In here, they were shown pictures as well as the spelling for each pictures shown. It is much easier for them to grasp the concept of the topic and in the same time, they had had a concrete mental visualization towards the topic.

Nevertheless, when I look back into the lesson there were some loopholes that lamed my lesson. For example, in this lesson I asked the pupils to read in three different ways (using the same topic, of course). I asked the whole class to read (as a start), then in groups and in the end individually. I could see that my students were getting bored waiting for their friends to finish reading, thus they started to talk. Secondly, I realize that I should be more strict in using the English Language while teaching for i realized that my students took for granted (talking in their mother tongue) when answering my questions.

Ways to improve:
To teach reading, I must not take so many methods and cram it into one activity and expect my other students to still pay attention. This is to avoid the students from losing their focus. I must also reward my students with praise and motivation, each time they try to speak using the English Language. What about the students who are still reluctant to speak? Well, continuous motivation and reward would make them budge from the stillness.


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